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Faith like thunder.

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An incredible family in our community are currently facing a situation in which their beautiful 13 year old daughter is fighting for her life after being in a car accident. Devastating to say the least, and I have found myself drowning in a deluge of emotions trying to make sense of this news. I feel desperate for her parents as I cannot begin to fathom what they must be going through at the prospect of losing their ballerina. I can only imagine what it must feel like but even then, I don’t think I’m anywhere close to the real thing. I feel useless as I know there is nothing I can do to help, nothing I can say to cushion their heartache. I dance between various emotions and jeté from hope to despair and return to hope again.

Whilst lying here in the dark unable to fall asleep, quietly singing Rock of Ages, I was treated to one of my favorite things… A thunderstorm. It was during said thunderstorm that I decided to write this post.  I listened to the thunder and thought, you know, faith is a little like thunder. Thunder is loud and exudes an air of authority yet we cannot see it. Our faith needs to be as bold as a clap of thunder, it should command authority. Our faith should not be a faint rumble but rather an almighty roar! Because of our faith, healing, blessings, answers, miracles, peace, joy and love should rain down and flood us.

What has happened to this precious family is not fair, it’s not right but as I support them and lift them up to God I am choosing to have bold faith. I am trusting God for full restoration because my God is an awesome God who reigns with wisdom, power and love.

I have just looked up the meaning of this beautiful girl’s name; it means bright. How beautiful. Like the sunshine after a thunderstorm. Love you darling girl, and your family.




3 thoughts on “Faith like thunder.”

  1. Dearest Richard and Jaci, Although in Cape Town, far removed physically from your tragedy, my daughters and I have been following with much sadness the saga of little Kiara’s injuries, but also with much faith and hope as we trust the Lord to answer our prayers and the prayers of many for her complete recovery. Our prayers are also for you, Richard and Jaci that the Lord will comfort and sustain you when you begin to feel it is all too much to bear. You are an amazing example of the faith and hope you preach. ‘The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace.’

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  2. I am truly totally with you and how you feel, cannot comprehend this tragedy. My heart and prayers are with Kiara, her family, her friends and Anthem
    I know that we serve an Awesome God, who hears and sees and promises to never leave us .

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