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Often people come into my life but leave before I either pluck up the courage or have a chance to share my heart with them. If I were presented with an opportunity to sit face to face with a handful of (selected) people from my past as well as my present, would I be brave enough to speak some hard truths or to share a piece of my story in the hopes they don’t feel so alone? Such opportunities do not avail themselves so in writing this post I am creating one for myself.

To my friend from high school, I miss you. Your friendship was a gift which caught me unaware but made my dark days disappear. The many treasured moments spent in deep conversation or raucous laughter, nights spent belting out the lyrics to Walking on Sunshine at the club, or lounging in the pool on a warm Sunday afternoon, sangria in hand – these are the memories I carry with me. But our timelines were set to different speeds and different paths lay before us. We parted ways. The void remains. I watch now from a distance as your life plays out on social media. I’m not in it. I’m okay with that. I watch with keen interest though making sure you’re treated well (you are), celebrating your victories, cheering on your beautiful children. I am happy for you. My heart smiles because you smile.

To my first crush, I’m glad that’s all you were. You were not very good to me. You blinded me with your charm and humour when I was young and naïve and you twisted my perceptions of love. You hurt me and left me vulnerable for others to hurt me too. I forgave you for this a long time ago, I just want you to know that I’m happy. Your lies didn’t stick, I got back up.

To the girl in my class, you are enough. Your worth is beyond measure. You are intelligent and beautiful and kind and generous. What’s not to love? You are better than them. Why do you allow them to speak those things over you? Don’t you realise how precious you are. Wipe away your tears now. Let me walk alongside you until you are strong enough to walk alone, let me comfort you and speak words of affirmation into your life. You are so young, don’t let them rob you of the greatest years of your life. You don’t need to hide precious girl. Walk tall and proud, flaunt your gifts and talents, sparkle as you radiate joy, spread your wings and fly. Today will never come again which means you are one day stronger. Don’t hang your head, their words are hurtful, yes, but you have the truth inside you.

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To the lady across the road, I hate your dogs! I don’t hate dogs, just yours. Please move.

To the three elderly ladies at church, man do I treasure you! From the day we arrived, there you sat (where you always sit), looking happy to see us as though we were long lost friends. My children became your grandchildren, and you always ask about them by name. How blessed am I to know you! Thank you for the prayers, the love and the unconditional acceptance we receive from you. Thank you for showing a genuine interest in my family. You add a richness to my life for which I am grateful. My children feel loved and acknowledged and that makes a mother’s heart burst.

To the lady who lost her husband, you are courageous and inspiring. Your story is heartbreaking and yet you are not broken. The manner in which you approach life, I have no other words other than I salute you.

To my colleague, just stop. Stop with your negativity, stop with your backbiting, stop humiliating those beneath you, stop treating people like scum, stop thinking you are superior to others. Just stop! I have had the pleasure of witnessing, albeit fleeting moments, of a side to you that is kind and mindful of others. You are beautiful yet this behaviour masks your beauty. You have nothing to lose other than a bad rap sheet. Why not choose to show this other side to more people, you may be pleasantly surprised at the reactions of those around you.

These are the people I choose for today. I may add to this post some time in the future. I don’t want to miss opportunities to spend a few moments with someone talking, sharing, encouraging and speaking truth.


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  1. Some people come into our lives for reason, some for a season, and others for a lifetime. They all contribute to who we become. I like who you’re becoming 😘

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