Say Something

Often people come into my life but leave before I either pluck up the courage or have a chance to share my heart with them. If I were presented with an opportunity to sit face to face with a handful of (selected) people from my past as well as my present, would I be brave… Continue reading Say Something


A letter to myself

I have often started this piece, in various formats - a novel, a biography, a journal - but it never worked because I didn't have the words to voice what I was feeling. I think I do now. I thought this post would come much later in my journey, I guess later is now. If… Continue reading A letter to myself


Brewing a cup of tea

"A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." -Eleanor Roosevelt I would consider myself a strong woman. I have brewed in some pretty hot water in my meagre thirty-seven years and I'm all the stronger for it. Stronger mentally and stronger spiritually.… Continue reading Brewing a cup of tea


Tickets please

There's a train fast approaching. Destination, Teenville. Expected time of arrival, nineteen days. My pulse is racing, palms sweaty. I'm not very good at goodbyes. I've double checked and triple checked that he has everything he needs. "Mom, are you okay?" "Of course, Darling." Liar! And I did it with a straight face. I don't… Continue reading Tickets please

Understanding our roles

What’s the right order?

Like most women, I wear many hats but the three I am naturally comfortable in are Wife, Mother and Educator (in no decided order). My dilemma reaches beyond deciding which hat will match my outfit for the day - given the extent of my wardrobe does not allow much choice - but rather, if I… Continue reading What’s the right order?